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You cannot/must not use images that you find doing a Google or other type of Internet search. Most of the images you will find are copyright protected. You do not want us to get fined $10,000 for copyright infringement. You may safely use the sites below to find stock images for use on our website, app, social media or online worship guide. If in doubt, send us the link to the image/graphic before you download it. Also most of these sites have premium, for-sale photos mixed in with the free ones.

FREE Stock Images

  • – All images on this website are free to use without attribution and can be modified to suit your needs. When downloading, click the Download button and then select “Large 1920 x 1280” as the size to download. Landscape orientation is the best for what we need as Portrait size will need to be cropped considerably and may not work after that.
  • Morguefile – over 400,000 photos free for commercial use
  • Unsplash – select “Medium” as the size on this site; lots of professional quality photos on this site
    Church Support Australia has shared a huge collection of appropriate images
  • Freely Photos – Christian free stock images
  • Adobe Stock – select “Free” from the drop-down next to the Search box

Christian Stock Images (NOT FREE)


Graphic Design

One of the best tools for non-graphic artists (but graphic artists use it too!) is Canva. This free browser-based application also has apps for your phone, tablet or desktop. The church has the Canva Pro for non-profits account. If you are responsible for creating graphics for your team, please contact for access.

TinyPNG – use to reduce the file size of your images before you upload them in the Staff Resource Request Form


There are many sites offering free fonts for you to download and install but some of them are not safe. You also may not have the ability to install new fonts on your PC at work. If it asks for administrator privileges in order to do so, contact Al or Hugo. Here are a couple of my favorite places to get fonts:

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