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Please provide detailed information for your request. The more information we have, the better we can serve you.

IMPORTANT: Please give us at least 2 business days to process your request. For example, don't submit a request on Thursday afternoon and expect it to make the Online Worship Guide.

Lisa is responsible for Website Updates, App Updates, and all social media requests.
Abby is responsible for Worship Pre-Session Slides and the Online Worship Guide.

Information To Be Displayed

The following section is for the specific information that will be displayed on your event or item.


If your item or event is to be published to the website or app, three different files sizes are required. (Do NOT upload the same image in all three spots.) If you cannot create your own graphics, we can do it for you—PLEASE PROVIDE 48 HOURS NOTICE. Please keep in mind that images used on the website or app should have little added text. Please see the Staff Resources page for an image to use. Do NOT use Google to find images. Those images are copyright protected and we cannot use them. You are limited to 2MB per image.

Supplemental Files (OPTIONAL)

Use this to upload PDFs, Word Documents, etc. that are supplemental to your request. File size is limited to 10 MB

Facebook Advertising (OPTIONAL)

This is an optional section and only needs to be completed if you plan to advertise on social media. We highly recommend that you don't "boost" a Facebook post. It is always better to run an ad through our Ad Account. Videos perform the best and are the cheapest "cost per click". If you choose to use video it should be between 15 seconds (recommended) and 2 minutes maximum. Facebook Ads Guide

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